Sustainability at AVS - Our ESG Program

Sustainability at AVS means taking responsibility for people and environment.

Throughout the Group, we put our understanding of sustainability into everyday practice, to make the best possible use of our Group’s potential. We get to grips with a wide variety of sustainability issues, so that we are always in compliance with the law and current standards and keep to internal guidelines. But in particular, we also do this to continuously increase the attractiveness of our group of companies.

To strengthen the sustainability of our company, we initiate activities based on various sustainability criteria, known as ESG criteria.


ESG: Environment – Social – Governance.

Umwelt (Environment)
Energy and environmental management, transparency in energy consumption, use of environmentally friendly materials

Soziales (Social)
Optimized work processes and working conditions, expansion of occupational safety and health, investment in further education/qualification and training, diversity and equal opportunities

Unternehmensführung (Governance)
Legal compliance, transparent design of processes, company-wide guidelines and product responsibility

„At AVS, people work with people for people. Our goal is to make a positive contribution to our society and to do the best we can to be an attractive company for our current and future employees, customers, suppliers and partners. That is our responsibility.“ (Hendrik Hucke, CEO)


Taking responsibility together

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance

Sustainable commercial use and reduced use of resources is our abiding principle.

In cooperation with a certified partner, we regularly conduct energy audits at our subsidiaries to ensure compliance with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. These audits determine current energy consumption and costs and derive measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Examples include the replacement and renewal of lighting and the use of LED lighting.

When new locations are set-up, we pay attention to sustainable commercial use, such as the new building of the property of our subsidiary WaKo in Memmelsdorf-Schmerldorf. In December 2020, our colleagues will move into a new building designed for sustainable use. The heat for the building will be obtained from ground collectors. Brine heat pumps heat in winter and cool in summer. The electricity for the heat pumps is obtained from solar energy. This system is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly in the world. The move has a symbolic character for us: energy and environment are our most valuable goods and sustainable solutions are an important element of the company's development.

Since it has been proven that visualizing energy consumption alone can sustainably reduce consumption by more than 30%, we sensitize our employees in team meetings and with flyers to reduce energy consumption. Our employees are also instructed in the safe handling of hazardous substances. The design of our hazardous material storage facilities is carried out in accordance with legal requirements and in coordination with our occupational safety specialist.

Also on our construction sites we always strive to use environmentally friendly solutions. Our machines for demarcation work are designed to meet the latest requirements of different road surfaces and markings. Demarking is done while driving and only with water - without chemicals and without damaging the road surface. An environmentally friendly solution that also shortens dismantling times and reduces traffic jams.

Find our more about our demarcation truck.


In the AVS Group, people work for people – to ensure your safety on road construction sites. And we like to do something for our employees:

Already during the onboarding process it is important to us to integrate new colleagues into our team in the best possible way and to familiarize them with our processes. Through a structured onboarding process, we want to bind the employees to our company from the very first day. With the section "Your Start at AVS" on our intranet as well as with a site-specific onboarding flyer we want to make the start at AVS as easy as possible for new colleagues.

The AVS Group is convinced that the diversity of our employees is what makes long-term success and growth possible. Therefore, we consciously promote the diversity of our workforce and want to create an environment full of appreciation and respect in which each employee can contribute his or her individual strengths in the best possible way. Equal opportunities and equal rights are an important part of the AVS Code of Conduct.

As an employer, it is our goal to promote the health of our employees and ensure their safety. Zero accidents is our clear goal! With our own internal occupational safety specialist, we are very well positioned in this very important area of occupational safety. Already in the selection of work clothing we set a group-wide standard, taking into account the legal requirements, to ensure the safety of our employees. In accordance with the latest standards, we provide initial training as part of the onboarding process for new employees and ongoing annual safety briefings. From 2021, we will offer these instructions as online training. In cooperation with our partner Dekra, we are also already conducting the driver instruction UVV to test the suitability of employees as drivers as online training.

With a group-wide uniform concept for company integration management, we are implementing the legal requirements to investigate the causes of employees' periods of incapacity to work. Together we are endeavouring to find sustainable ways of avoiding or reducing periods of incapacity to work in the future.

We also always pay attention to the safety of our employees when designing our operational processes. Our new Linde forklift truck was specially designed for loading mobile safety barriers weighing several tons. With a lifting weight of 16t and a lifting height of 5m, the forklift makes short work of loading a truck. Loading times are reduced from 45 minutes to 15 minutes – the construction site can be equipped efficiently and quickly. Our employees are well protected during the loading process – instead of using the loading crane, with the risk of suspended loads, and manual assistance, loading is carried out by the forklift driver and the truck driver – who acts as a guide. Both remain safely in their cabs.

Find out more about our loading process.


The quality of our service as a competent service partner is the focus of our activities. We want to convince our customers and guarantee long-term satisfaction. To ensure this, we adhere to our principles:

A: Our success is based on quality, punctuality and integrity.

B: We always have the customer benefit in mind.

C: Our actions are always in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, guidelines and standards.

We are convinced that acting in accordance with our principles ensures sustainable business success. Our Code of Conduct summarizes the basic principles and guidelines of our company with applicable legal regulations. It is the value basis for our actions.


Diversity Charter


We see diversity as an opportunity and have therefore signed the "Diversity Charter". We want to implement the goals of the Charter in our company and thus live diversity as part of our organizational culture. We and 3,900 other signatories are thus committed to a prejudice-free and appreciative organizational culture.

More information: Charta der Vielfalt

Code of conduct

In our working world, we are confronted with a wide variety of challenges every day. It can quickly happen that boundaries are crossed unknowingly. In order to meet these diverse requirements and to ensure that our basic values are always the yardstick for our actions, this code of conduct combines the basic principles and guidelines of our company with applicable legal regulations. It is intended to serve as a value basis for our actions and to sensitize us to potential misconduct.


If there are indications of possible misconduct due to violations of our Code of Conduct or laws, these can be reported by contacting our Compliance Officer or through a protected external channel. In cooperation with LegalTegrity, we have set up a whistleblower hotline and a whistleblower portal for whistleblowing purposes, where any employee, business partner, supplier or service provider can report company-related legal violations openly by name but also anonymously.

Contact for indications:
AVS Compliance contact:
Whistleblower Hotline: +49 69 9999 8839 (Mon-Fri: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.)

How to reach the portal

We carefully investigate all repots of violations and treat them confidentially to the greatest possible extent. The AVS Group does not tolerate any discrimination against whistleblowers who report possible or actual violations - unless the tips were given deliberately in an abusive manner.

Crisis Management

The AVS Group takes any risk of accidents, damage to products or buildings or negative communication as a crisis situation seriously. Critical issues and situations are analyzed, evaluated and professional handling is organized to avoid or mitigate negative effects on the AVS Group and its reputation. With group-wide documentation to clarify the term "crisis" and how to deal with various crisis situations, we provide our employees with comprehensive information about our crisis management.

In addition, we have appointed a Group-wide contact person for compliance issues and conduct internal audits, e.g. in cooperation with our data protection officer, to review existing processes and set standards.

Sustainable concept for training of compliance guidelines

The implementation of compliance trainings as online trainings in all companies of the AVS Group offers our employees flexible learning in terms of time and place and supports us sustainably in making our AVS compliance guidelines known. The contents of the guidelines are explained visually and with examples. In this way, we make our employees fit for current topics such as principles of conduct, protection against corruption, antitrust law, data protection, attention in financial transactions, information security and behaviour in social media.

Sustainability at our locations

Sustainable business use at WaKo

The relocation of our subsidiary WaKo to a sustainable new building in Memmelsdorf-Schmerldorf is imminent. The heat for the building will be obtained from ground collectors. Brine heat pumps heat in winter and cool in summer. The electricity for the heat pumps is obtained from solar energy. This system is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly in the world. The move has a symbolic character for us: energy and environment are our most valuable goods and sustainable solutions are an important element of the company's development.