Our compass: Sustainable. Safe. AVS.

We at AVS have consciously decided on a sustainable corporate orientation.
Our goal is to make Europe's roads safe in a sustainable way, today and in future. In order to actively master the challenges of the future, we see ourselves as a strong driver for innovative solutions that secure our competitiveness, sustainable mobility and a future worth living.

The AVS Sustainability Programme 

Our core business is the safety of people - workers and road users alike - at road construction sites. For us, ensuring this safety today and in the future while acting in an economically, ecologically and socially responsible manner, means sustainability.

What do we mean by this?

By assessing the impact of our business activities, we have assessed our contribution to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and, conversely, their impact on our business. Taking a holistic view of the key sustainability aspects for our business activities, and  in active dialogue with our stakeholders, we have defined a total of four strategic fields in May 2022.  These form our mission statement, which we have set ourselves to achieve by 2025.

Values & Culture

At AVS, we understand diversity, fairness and the well-being of our employees as fundamental conditions for long-term success and innovation. That is why we consistently align ourselves with these principles. With the active participation of our employees, we are developing a value-based corporate culture that makes us fit for the future and enables sustainable learning.

Products & Services

At AVS, we develop intelligent products and services that significantly increase safety on construction sites while making optimal use of resources. This makes us one of the pioneers in our industry.

**We consistently focus our strategic purchasing on sustainability and continuously improve the social and ecological conditions in the supply chain - and thus also the sustainability of our products and services.

*Note 1: contribute to the EU target: 50% reduction target for road deaths - and, for the first time, also serious injuries- by 2030 (This was set out in the Commission's Strategic Plan on Road Safety and EU road safety political framework 2021-2030 which also sets out road safety plans aiming to reach zero road deaths by 2050 "Vision Zero"

**Note 2: optimal use of resources includes efficient resource management as well as the development towards a circular economy

Transparency & Stakeholder Dialogue

As a matter of principle, we at AVS shape future issues and our sustainability course together and in partnership with our employees and key external stakeholders. We make our goals and our performance transparent - even beyond regulatory requirements.


At AVS, we are making a measurable and verifiable contribution to decarbonising the economy. To this end, we are joining the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to reduce our emissions in line with the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Sustainability management at AVS 

There is no future without sustainability. That is why we have created a separate department for the strategic sustainability management, which reports directly to the AVS management. For us, sustainable transformation is a joint task for everyone. That is why our sustainability officer works closely with all departments to implement our sustainability goals.The sustainability management is supported by department heads from various central departments. Together they form the AVS Sustainability Council. In addition, there is the internal network of AVS Sustainability Ambassadors, where employees from different areas of our company are actively involved as champions for sustainability. 


4 Dimesions - Environment, Social, Economy and Culture 

Sustainability management at AVS is broken down into 4 dimensions:  environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability.

1. Environmental Sustainability

In terms of ecological sustainability, we have identified climate protection as essential in our core business. We are developing environmentally friendly solutions for securing construction sites and are moving towards a circular economy in the use of resources.

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With our measures, we make a contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals 12 (responsible consumption and production) and 13 (climate action).


On our climate journey, we are guided by internationally recognised standards. We measure our Scope 1 & 2 and 3 (upstream and downstream activities in the value chain) emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). Based on this, we are currently developing our climate strategy.


As part of our effective resource management and our transition to a on circular economy, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of our waste generation. Our goal is to continuously reduce it through avoidance, reduction, recycling and reuse. As part of our procurement processes and through our efficient project planning and execution, we are continuously working on our responsible use of the planet's resources.

Environmentally friendly construction site solutions

On our construction sites, we always strive to use environmentally friendly solutions. Our machines for demarking work are designed to meet the latest requirements of different road surfaces and markings. Demarking is done while driving with water without using chemicals and without damaging the road surface. With this environmentally friendly measure, we can reduce the dismantling times of the construction site protection and thus reduce climate-damaging emissions caused by traffic jams.

2. Social sustainability

For us, social sustainability means increasing the safety of people on road construction sites today and in future. We see diversity, fairness and the well-being of our employees as fundamental conditions for long-term success and innovation. We consistently align ourselves with these principles.

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With our actions, we make a contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals 3 (good health and wellbeing), 8 (decent work and economic growth) and 10 (reduced inequalities).


The safety of people - workers and road users alike - on road construction sites is our core business. We recognise our responsibility in providing a working environment in which our employees and contractors can work safely and efficiently, where the safe mobility of road users is possible, and the public is minimally affected by our business operations. Therefore, we continuously improve our services, products and work processes. We regularly train our employees on all topics related to occupational safety.


Our society is diverse. So is our working environment. We see diversity, inclusion and equality as an opportunity and therefore signed the Diversity Charter in 2021. Our Code of Conduct states that we are convinced that the diversity of our employees is what makes long-term success and growth possible. For this reason, we consciously promote the diversity of our workforce. We want to do our part to promote recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity inworking environment. That is why we have implemented the goals of the Diversity Charter at AVS and live them as part of our corporate culture.

3. Economic sustainability

For AVS, an economically sustainable business means strong and responsible corporate governance as well as the fair treatment our business partners and competitors. We consistently align our processes, our strategic purchasing, our products and services towards sustainability.

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Through our actions, we contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goal 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions).

The fundamental principles and guidelines of our company are anchored in our binding Code of Conduct.  The AVS management sees its responsibility on the three levels of the AVS compliance management system:


We prevent compliance violations with our compliance risk management in the form of compliance guidelines and procedures, training and advice for employees


We identify compliance violations through our whistleblowing system LegalTegrity and other reporting channels. We clarify these in fair and professional investigations.


We react to compliance violations with case-related measures and consequences in order to eliminate risks and stop misconduct.

The AVS Whistleblower Portal

If there are indications of possible misconduct or violations of our Code of Conduct or laws, these can be reported via a message to our compliance contact or via a protected external channel. In cooperation with LegalTegrity, we have set up a whistleblower hotline and a whistleblower portal for whistleblowing purposes, where any employee, business partner, supplier or service provider can report company-related legal violations openly by name or anonymously.

Contact details Compliance

✉ compliance@avs-verkehrssicherung.de

☏ +49 69 9999 8839 (Mon.-Fri. 9:00- 17:00)

Click here for the whistleblower portal

We carefully follow up on all reports about violations and treat them confidentially to the greatest extent possible. The AVS Group does not tolerate any discrimination against whistleblowers who report possible or actual violations - unless the tips were given deliberately in an abusive manner.

Sustainable procurement

The way we work with suppliers and subcontractors makes a significant contribution to achieving AVS's sustainability goals (e.g. by reducing CO2 emissions in our value chain, using resources responsibly, respecting human rights and avoiding environmental risks). Fair treatment of our business partners is therefore an important part of AVS supplier management, alongside economic, ecological and social aspects.

4. Cultural sustainability

For us, acting in a culturally sustainable way means advancing the sustainable transformation together in strong networks. With the active participation of our employees, we are developing a value-based corporate culture that makes us fit for the future and enables sustainable learning.

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We want to actively promote cultural change in our company. Therefore, we invite people from different areas of our company to actively contribute towards the sustainable transformation of AVS.

We are currently establishing an internal network of AVS Sustainability Ambassadors. With their sustainability knowledge, the AVS Sustainability Ambassadors will act as multipliers for sustainability. They are points of contacts for the implementation of projects and processes in their organisations. The network meets regularly to share knowledge and develop projects together.


In our internal and external networks, committees and partnerships, we engage in dialogue with our stakeholders on our sustainability programme in a wide variety of formats.

Diversity Charter

We see diversity as an opportunity and have therefore signed the Diversity Charter in 2021. We are convinced that if we actively live diversity, we will be more open, more appreciative and sustainably successful as a company.

B.A.U.M. e.V.  Network for Sustainable Management

AVS is committed to B.A.U.M. because we want to sustainably safeguard Europe's road construction sites.  This works best with a strong network of committed partners. B.A.U.M. offers us the opportunity to actively contribute our experience in the mobility sector. At the same time, we can exchange ideas with companies from a wide range of sectors as well as with representatives of science and NGOs and thus shape a sustainable future.



AVS is a member of the industry initiative of the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME).

Vision Zero

Every day and every night when we secure road construction sites. No fatalities or serious injuries on the roads: that is the goal of Vision Zero. Developed in Sweden in the 1990s, the strategy is now the basis for safe traffic concepts throughout Europe. We at AVS see ourselves as an important partner and driving force in Germany and internationally. Because with the development of our products, we have always been ahead of the times.