AVS group of companies:  expertise for your traffic safeguarding needs on all roads

The Peter Berghaus Company is founded in Bensberg-Dürscheid in the "Bergisches Land" region, only about 25 km from Cologne, by Mr. Peter Berghaus.

The first radio-controlled traffic light system from Peter Berghaus is developed and sold worldwide in large quantities.

The Peter Berghaus Company is changed to a GmbH.

Due to the high demand for construction site protection products, the M+V GmbH service company (later AVS Overath GmbH) is founded.

Following the German reunification another service company AVS Mellingen GmbH based in Thuringia was established because the need for construction site protection in the new federal states is very large.

In the 1992 product catalogue of Peter Berghaus GmbH "Sliding walls" made of sheet steel, a forerunner of today's "Mobile protective devices," are offered for the first time for the protection of construction sites and the contraflow zone - of course from in-house design and production.

Peter Berghaus GmbH and the M+V GmbH are founding members of the German Association for Traffic Technology and Safety e. V. (VVV).

Participation of the M+V GmbH in the AED GmbH in Hannover.

Participation of the M+V GmbH in the VAS GmbH in Hannover.

Acquisition of AED GmbH, Lehrte 100% through the M+V GmbH.

Merger of the AED GmbH and the VAS Hannover GmbH to form the AVS Lehrte GmbH.

M+V is renamed as the AVS Overath GmbH. This clearly demonstrates the affiliation with the successful AVS Traffic Safety Group. Relocation to the new company site in Overath. The new area has 21,000 m² of open space.

AVS Overath GmbH expands its service network by adding the Wetzlar branch in Solms.

The Beelitz branch of AVS Lehrte GmbH builds a new 1.200 m² hall in addition to the previous company headquarters and also adds another 5,300 m² of open space to the existing storage area.

The Hamburg branch of AVS Lehrte GmbH relocates. The Hamburg colleagues in Rosengarten now have 1,400 m² of new office space available and approx. 5,600 m² of open area.

AVS Overath acquires H&T Trimborn-AVE in Mechernich with all employees and now operates as the Euskirchen office of the AVS Overath GmbH.

The Wetzlar branch of AVS Overath GmbH relocates to a new site in Leun on the Lahn. There it will have a much larger warehouse area than before with approx. 8,500 m².

AVS Overath GmbH once again expands its service network and opens its fourth location with the Gladbeck branch.
Here the AVS service team has two halls available and an office building on a 10,000 m² plot of land.

In Dresden, the state capital of the Free State of Saxony, the AVS Mellingen GmbH opens the twelfth location of the AVS Traffic Safety Group. Conveniently located at the airport and not far from the federal motorways 4, 13 and 17, the specialists of the AVS Dresden branch are able to use approx. 1,400 m² of office and hall space.

As the 13th location, the FVS Fachbetrieb für Verkehrseinrichtungen auf Straßen GmbH [Specialized Company for Traffic Devices on Roads], a high-performance traffic safety company based in Wendelstein near Nuremberg, joined the service network of the AVS. Partnership-based company relationships have existed for a long time and even the predecessor company of the FVS was founded almost 40 years ago by Mr. Peter Berghaus as a Nuremberg branch location. 

The Dresden branch of AVS Mellingen GmbH expands. After the move to Ottendorf-Okrilla in the Dresden surrounding area, a larger company site with offices and ample storage space can be used at the new location. 

In Göttingen, the AVS Lehrte GmbH opens the 14th location of the AVS Traffic Safety Group. Optimum support for the PPP Project Expansion of the Motorway 7 will be carried out in the next few years from the Göttingen branch. 

The Euskirchen branch of the AVS Overath GmbH relocates. Starting now, the colleagues in Euskirchen have an even larger company site with available offices and hall space.


For organizational reasons the AVS Beelitz branch was moved within the AVS group of companies and is now part of the AVS Mellingen GmbH.

In order to clearly demonstrate the strong affiliation with the service network of the AVS Traffic Safety Group to the outside, the F.V.S. Fachbetrieb für Verkehrseinrichtungen auf Straßen GmbH will operate in the future as the AVS Nuremberg GmbH.

North of Berlin, the AVS branch Oranienburg is established. This office is also part of the AVS Mellingen GmbH.

AVS Verkehrssicherung expands its geographical footprint through the acquisition of KMK Projekts, a leading provider of traffic safety products and road marking in Latvia.

AVS Verkehrssicherung has acquired Verkehrssicherheits Plank GmbH based in Remseck am Neckar, a renowned provider in the field of construction site and traffic safety in Greater Stuttgart.

AVS Verkehrssicherung has acquired Traffics A/S (“Traffics”), a Danish provider of construction site- and traffic security, headquartered in Gadstrup (Denmark).


AVS Verkehrssicherung has acquired Schötz Verkehrs- und Arbeitsstellensicherung GmbH based in Fürth, a renowned provider in the field of construction site and traffic safety in Greater Fürth.

The Danish company Traffics A/S in Gadstrup changed its name to AVS Vejsikring A/S.

The previous branch KMK Project SIA in the Latvian capital Riga now operates as AVS Latvija SIA.

AVS Vejsikring A/S opens a new branch in Fredericia.