Traffic engineering at the locations of the AVS Mellingen GmbH

The AVS GmbH was founded in Mellingen, Thuringia on 11 March 1992. It initially employed about 15 employees at this location and the same number of employees in the field office in Niedertreba. It was primarily concerned with the rental of traffic signal systems and construction site protection for urban construction sites. In 1995, both operating facilities became independent and were transformed into the AVS Mellingen GmbH and AVS Niedertreba GmbH. Due to its constant expansion, in 1998 the AVS Mellingen purchased a new administration building and a new hall with 5000 m² of surface space in the industrial park of Mellingen. During the same period, AVS Niedertreba also developed so rapidly in the rental of steel crash barriers and the production of steel products that even this location became too small. This prompted the companies AVS Mellingen GmbH and the Niedertreba GmbH to merge again at the new industrial park in Mellingen in 1999. A second hall to produce steel crash barriers was built on a 10,000 m² large plot of land adjoining the existing property.

Today, AVS Mellingen GmbH employs more than 100 people and has become one of the best-known traffic safeguarding companies in Thuringia and Hesse. The main area of activity also includes the leasing of construction site protection on federal motorways and rural roads as well as the production and leasing of steel crash barriers. Our employees are continuously trained in accordance with the latest applicable regulations. 

The branch in Kirchheim was opened in 2001 and the branch in Ilmenau in 2005. In 2015, the branch in Dresden was established. In 2018, the AVS Beelitz branch was added due to restructuring. In addition to the AVS Mellingen GmbH, the AVS Lehrte GmbH, AVS Nuremberg GmbH, AVS Overath GmbH and Peter Berghaus GmbH, also belong to the AVS Traffic Safety Group.

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