Traffic engineering at the AVS Nuremberg GmbH location

In 2017 as the 13th location, the F.V.S. Fachbetrieb für Verkehrseinrichtungen auf Straßen GmbH [Specialized Company for Traffic Devices on Roads], a high-performance traffic safety company based in Wendelstein near Nuremberg, joined the service network of the AVS. Partnership-based company relationships have existed for a long time and even the predecessor company of FVS was founded almost 40 years ago by Mr. Peter Berghaus as a Nuremberg office location.

The company was renamed AVS Nuremberg GmbH in 2018 in order to clearly demonstrate the affiliation with the strong service network of the AVS Traffic Safety Group to the outside world.

With their know-how from 40 years of successful traffic safeguarding in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, the 60 specialists of AVS GmbH Nuremberg are a competent and strong partner in the service network of the AVS.

AVS Nürnberg GmbH

Sperbersloher Straße 568
D-90530 Wendelstein

Sperbersloher Straße 556
D-90530 Wendelstein

Telephone: +49 9129-909996-0
Fax: +49 9129-909996-19