Our personnel is trained in accordance with the latest regulations

Qualifications and memberships  of the AVS Traffic Engineering

Of course, our employees are trained in the fields of traffic engineering and safety in order to assist you at all times with competent and professional advice. In addition to basic training in accordance with RSA 95 and ZTV-SA 97, there are even more advanced training seminars on the most up-to-date guidelines and techniques for planning, implementing and monitoring a wide range of traffic safeguarding measures on public roads. Our personnel is continuously trained in accordance with the latest regulations. These include the following: 

TL: Technical Delivery Conditions*
ZTV-SA: Additional Technical Contract Conditions and Guidelines for the Work Involved in Safeguarding Roadworks
MVAS: Bulletin on the basic prerequisite specialist knowledge required for traffic safeguarding on roadworks
PQVOB: We are registered with the association for the pre-qualification of construction companies e.V. (pre-qualification is the upstream, order independent assessment of the verification of suitability according to the requirements defined in § 8 VOB/A)
RiLSA: Guidelines for traffic signal systems
RSA: Guidelines for safety on roadworks
StrAus: Inspection, monitoring and certification association for roadside equipment e.V. - certified according to the guideline of the Industry Association for Roadside Equipment e.V. (IVSt), Department of Traffic Safety, we are a "Specialized company for safety on roadworks" [AVS Overath, AVS Wetzlar]

• *TL-mobile traffic signal systems
• *TL-mobile protective devices
• *TL-temporary markings


• Accident prevention regulations, first aid
• Professional driver training
• ADR training for hazardous goods drivers
• Loading and securing cargo
• Training for forklift trucks, loading cranes and much more