Securing large-scale projects as part of public-private partnership (PPP) models

AVS –  even for large projects everything is still from a single source

As a reliable partner, the AVS Traffic Safety Group is repeatedly tasked with securing traffic in large-scale public-private-partnership models (PPPs). For example, in long-term, kilometre-long major construction sites such as on the BAB 1 between Hamburg and Bremen, on the BAB 5 between Baden-Baden and Offenburg, the expansion of the BAB 9 between the Hermsdorfer interchange and Hof, on the BAB 7 between Hamburg and Bordesholm and also on the BAB 7 between Salzgitter and Göttingen.

Every day, we guide thousands of road users safely through construction projects with our AVS expertise. Take advantage of our network - and make use of a comprehensive service from a single source!