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AVS Traffic Safety - your professionals for traffic safeguarding, traffic signal systems and mobile crash barriers

Just how important an expert partner for traffic safeguarding is in today's world is already evident in the multitude of regulations that must be observed and implemented: StVO, RSA, ZTV- SA, RiLSA, TL-road barriers, TL directing beacons, TL-warning trailers, TL-mounting devices, TL-temporary markings, TL-warning tapes, TL directing cone, TL-directing element, TL-portable traffic signal systems, TL-portable road restraint systems, DIN EN 1317-1 and -2 and many, many more requirements ...

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Take advantage of our service network of around 800 well trained professionals.
Our service for traffic safeguarding begins with comprehensive advice, continues by participating in on-site inspections, applying for and obtaining traffic law directives, creating road signs and signal timetables, the assembly and upkeep of complete traffic safeguarding with 24-hour maintenance including setup and dismantling - and all from a single source. What a single professional and expert partner can mean for you: excellent comprehensive service - right from the start!

How nice, if all you need is just one expert partner:
AVS - your traffic safeguarding professionals - at 22 AVS locations in Germany and 3 international locations!

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