Mobile crash barriers ProTec

Reliable road separation in construction site areas

With the mobile crash barriers of the ProTec series, everyone is always on the safe side - motorists and construction site personnel. 

AVS has been developing and optimizing mobile crash barriers for decades and regularly expands its range to include new applications. AVS relies on the effective impact of the combination of flexible steel with stable concrete. Our products from our own development and production are used worldwide. With stock of mobile crash barriers, we are one of the leading service companies in Germany.

We have the right solution for every application, from small urban construction sites to km-long motorway stretches. Also for accidents and other emergencies there are special solutions for fire brigade, rescue service and police, in order to reach the danger place fast. All elements of the ProTec series can be combined with each other or with transportable systems from other manufacturers with force-fit connections despite different designs.

All ProTec crash barriers and accessories are regularly subjected to the harsh conditions of everyday life during various impact tests and have been successfully tested for containment levels T1, T2, T3 and H1.

ProTec at a glance
  • test conditions as per DIN EN 1317-2 
  • smallest effective range class 
  • narrow structural width needs minimum space requirements 
  • quick and easy installation 
  • reflectors mounted in protected recess 
  • generous water drainage opening under the crash barrier 
  • no risk of aquaplaning or of dirt accumulating in front of the crash barrier 
  • systems with successfully tested tipping length limitation (KLB element) 
  • rubber-based stands protect the road surface 
  • low element weight for high transport loading volume 
  • wide range of connection and special elements 
  • repair elements for swift reconstruction after an accident 
  • force-fit connections available for all ProTec barriers
More information on mobile crash barriers

Mobile crash barriers separate roadways from construction site areas. The safety of oncoming traffic and the protection of persons entrusted with the execution by transportable protective devices are regulated in the Guidelines for the Safety of Workstations on Roads (RSA) and the Additional Technical Terms of Contract and Guidelines for Road Safety (ZTV-SA 97).


ProTec 121 – On-top fence

ProTec 121 – Visual screen & security element

ProTec-Tor 50 – quick access for emergency services

ProTec-Tor 120 – can be opened quickly and simply without additional tools.

  • ProTec 50 City –

    ProTec 50 City –

    for safe urban roadworks

  • ProTec 50 –

    ProTec 50 –

    the lightweight crash barrier.

  • ProTec 51 –

    ProTec 51 –

    the lightweight crash barrier.

  • ProTec 80 –

    ProTec 80 –

    the efficient crash barrier.

  • ProTec 100 –

    ProTec 100 –

    our Bestseller.

  • ProTec 120 –

    ProTec 120 –

    the compact crash barrier.

  • ProTec 121 –

    ProTec 121 –

    with an outstanding effective range.

  • ProTec 160 –

    ProTec 160 –

    for high roadwork safety.

  • ProTec-Tor 50 –

    ProTec-Tor 50 –

    quick access for emergency services.

  • ProTec-Tor 120 –

    ProTec-Tor 120 –

    quick access for emergency services.


Special elements for comprehensive use of the ProTec family

Start and end pieces, transition elements within the ProTec family, transition elements for changing system to stationary crash barriers and other makes, dilatation elements for automatic length compensation, tipping length limitation (if specified), emergency opening elements, splashproof visual screens, height compensation elements for building structures, repair elements for quickly repairing accident damage after an impact and much more besides, all serve to round off the product range that we offer as system manufacturer.

NEW: ProTec 121 ProTec 121 On-top fence and ProTec Visual screen & security element

  • Start/end element

    Start/end element

  • Start/end element

    Start/end element

  • Tipping length limitation (KLB element)

    Tipping length limitation (KLB element)

  • Tipping length limitation (KLB element)

    Tipping length limitation (KLB element)

  • Dilatation element

    Dilatation element

  • Dilatation element

    Dilatation element

  • Turning element

    Turning element

  • System transition

    System transition

  • Transition to stationary crash barrier

    Transition to stationary crash barrier