Professional, fast and affordable.

AVS-PeelJet – professional demarcation

This is how demarcation is carried out today: professional, fast and affordable. The new PeelJet, a German high performance AVS Traffic Safety product.

The AVS employees are professionals even when marking roads. All types of construction site markings can be carried out using special machines from our own fleet, whether in foil, paint, KSP or agglomerate marking. Of course, the services offered include the demarcation of the road, for example after completion of a construction project. This can easily be done while driving and by only using water. AVS-PeelJet is environmentally friendly, without chemicals, residue-free and does not damage the surface of the road.

The advantages of the AVS-PeelJet again at a glance:

  • Residue-free, road-friendly removal of markings on all road surfaces
  • Fast removal of all forms and types of marking materials
  • The demarcation surface is optimally prepared for subsequent marking
  • Increased road grip after the treatment of the surface
  • Extraction of the demarcated substances
  • Low water consumption
  • Demarcation width from 12 cm to 30 cm in a single work step
  • Automatic control of the workflow straight from the cab of the vehicle

The AVS PeelJet is already being used with great success for the quick and thorough demarcation for traffic control on roadworks. Another reason in favour of using the AVS-JetPeel is the reduction in the dismantling times of traffic control systems and the corresponding reduction of traffic congestion.


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