We develop and manufacture our own traffic safety products at various locations. We continue the pioneering spirit of our company founder, Peter Berghaus. Digitalization and the Internet of Things have long since found their place in technical traffic safety – and we are continuing to drive development forward with new ideas.

Congestion warning systems: modern LED technology controls individual traffic situations

New and specific methods: Instead of, or in addition to, classic traffic signs, traffic guidance is achieved with leading-edge LED technology. High-intensity LEDs ensure clear visibility by day and night, thus enhancing safety, particularly in dark fall and winter conditions.

Dynamic traffic control with LED variable message signs does not just make sense on busy motorways and multi-lane motorways, or on road construction sites. In inner-city areas, too, illuminated mobile LED variable message signs clearly draw attention to changes in traffic flow and make a significant contribution to safety. Temporary roadworks signage can also be used to respond variably to the traffic flow, to inform, warn and guide. Signage can thus be adapted to changed traffic conditions at any time.

Using internet-based software, symbols and texts on the mobile LED variable message signs can be created and modified quickly and conveniently. This is easily done with any device that has an Internet connection and browser. It also means that individual solutions can be created at any time at the customer’s request.

Folding sign stand made of hot-dip galvanized steel up to K8

Berghaus Verkehrstechnik manufactures various mounting devices for quick and stable installation of traffic and information signs, for spanning signal cables, as stationary masts and high cantilevers for light signal systems, and much more – suitable for almost any application.

A new addition to the range of TL-approved mounting devices for signs and signalling technology is the folding sign stand (EE0185) made of hot-dip galvanized steel. It is designed to accommodate a 40 x 40 or 60 x 60 mm shaft tube and is tested up to stability class K8 with four K1 base plates in accordance with the TL mounting devices 97 standard.

The large base area of approx. 1950 x 480 mm makes the mobile sign stand extremely stable. A circumferential angle frame ensures that K1 base plates with a maximum size of 880 x 430 mm (internal dimensions per side) can be safely accommodated. The securing bracket for the base plates is included in the delivery.

The mobile sign stand is suitable for space-saving transport and storage thanks to its folding system. Height when folded is just 160 mm.

To match the new folding stand, a specially designed transport casing can also be supplied, which enables several folding stands to be loaded quickly and easily using a forklift. The transport casing (EE 0185T) is mounted centrally under the first folding stand and further folding stands are stacked on it. This allows up to ten folding stands to be loaded at once and secured together on the loading area to save space.

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Sign Scout: updated edition

Order your personal copy! We would also be happy to provide you with a quote for an individual version that you can distribute to your customers.

The list of traffic signs uniformly introduced nationwide according to the specifications of the Traffic Signs Catalogue 2017 (VzKat) and the StVO Amendment 2020 has been updated. The "Sign Scout" contains practical tips for stable construction site signage and the use of transportable traffic light systems, and so is a practical, handy companion.

Certified partner for impact absorbers from SMA (Italy)

Peter Berghaus GmbH is a certified sales partner for mobile impact absorbers for Germany. SMA impact absorbers protect vehicle occupants from major injury in the event of a collision and, due to their small size, are ideal for quick and easy attachment to our mobile safety barriers.

The impact absorbers are modular for different areas of application, easy to install, can be reused as a sustainable solution in 80% of cases and meet the traffic safety requirements according to EN 1317-3. Numerous tests have proved the durability of the SMA impact absorber family. The impact absorbers have been validated for speed classes 50, 80, 100 and 110 km/h.

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