AVS Digital

With the foundation of AVS Digital GmbH (Senden, Münsterland), the AVS Group focuses on the advancing digitalization in traffic safety. AVS Digital GmbH develops and sells intelligent and networked products and solutions as well as the associated hardware and software. It also includes its own platform for monitoring and controlling the products and systems of the entire international traffic safety group.

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The new Berghaus product catalogue

The new Berghaus product catalogue

60 years of Peter Berghaus GmbH, decades of experience and always new product ideas. On the occasion of our anniversary, we have reissued our catalog. There are many innovations and further developed solutions to discover!

More information: Berghaus product catalogue 2021/22

Sustainability at AVS

Safe and clean roads

As part of our ESG program, we have also set ourselves many projects to strengthen sustainability in 2021. In terms of safety, we have expanded our training offering for employees to include digital training opportunities and opted for new protective clothing that is even better suited to the daily demands on the road. Our sites complete energy audits, alternative energy sources are retrofitted, and new buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The use of environmentally friendly materials is a central component of our value chain in production and service. Where people work for people and safety is paramount, a wide range of social activities for satisfied employees round off our ESG program.

CO2 compensation

Together with our shareholder Triton, we offset CO₂ emissions. We chose ClimateCare to offset our carbon emissions through projects that reduce carbon and improve lives.

Safety at our international locations

We are also constantly investing in state-of-the-art and safe equipment at our sites in Denmark and Latvia.In Latvia, the company focuses on temporary and permanent marking and installation of stationary crash barriers. The latest vehicles of Hoffmann and Borum ensure professional marking; equipment of the renowned manufacturer Pauselli ensures gentle and safe assembly and disassembly of the crash barriers.

Sustainability at the sites

Our goal is not only sustainable and safe construction site solutions. Energy efficiency is also put to the test at our sites. Every year, we audit several sites and implement the recommended measures. After various AVS sites last year, this year our subsidiaries Lorenz, Gerding, SRV and WaKo were audited. Modern LED technology - which incidentally also provides better illumination of working conditions - is being upgraded at many sites. Solar power systems are an equally sustainable addition. And the topic of solar is not so new - many of our sites have already been equipped with solar for over 10 years.

Diversity charter

We see diversity as an opportunity and have therefore signed the "Diversity Charter". We want to implement the goals of the Charter in our company and thus live diversity as part of our organizational culture. We and 3,900 other signatories are committed to a prejudice-free and appreciative organizational culture.

More informationen: Charta der Vielfalt

Work safety at AVS

Personal protective equipment plays a crucial role in protecting our employees. We have closely analyzed and improved our employees' personal protective equipment. The latest developments in high-visibility clothing have been tested. With a leading manufacturer of high-visibility clothing, we opted for a high-quality and innovative solution that is used throughout Germany with a uniform standard throughout the Group.

We deliberately decided to change from orange to yellow, as yellow has been proven to provide even clearer visibility by day and night and thus greater protection. Reliable sun protection and weather resistance were further factors in the selection - since our employees are exposed to rain, storms, heat or cold in wind and weather and for long periods of time. All the better if they can feel comfortable all around in their work clothes and move around safely.

A nationwide laundry service completes the all-round carefree clothing package. Our sites, which are spread throughout Germany, are serviced by regional branches. Short travel distances ensure rapid replacement and also protect the environment. Not only the cleaning, but also the control of the clothing and thus the guarantee of a durable functionality and preservation of the visibility.

In the production of the selected clothing, the processes in the laundry and the reuse of older clothing, we have placed great emphasis on gentle, environmentally friendly solutions.

TMAs in Denmark

In Denmark, all vehicles are equipped with mobile impact absorbers, so-called Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA) - for the safety of our employees, workers in the construction site area and road users.

Through our expertise with mobile impact attenuators, we - AVS Vejsikring - recently implemented a new TMA model which is crash tested according MASH2016. The Blade TMA sets a new stadnard for security and protection of our emloyees. Until end 2021, 30 tilt versions of the Blade TMA will be delivered to the FALCK and Kongsbjerg emergency services in Denmark, in cooperation with Verdegro in Holland. This version will be used primarily on highways and will be used to protect rescue workers from oncoming traffic during operations.

Employee survey

We conducted the AVS Employee Survey 2021 with the renowned provider "Great Place to Work". The results are impressive: 75% of employees say that, all in all, this is a very good place to work (market benchmark: 72%). We are pleased with the result, the many suggestions and proposals for improvement, which we gladly accept and implement.


AVS has modernized its vehicle fleet. As with the protective clothing, the change from orange to white was made to improve visibility by day and night. A new lettering concept ensures clear perception in the construction site danger zone. When purchasing new vehicles, attention was paid to various aspects for the safety and environmental friendliness of the vehicles and the employees:

  • Larger vehicles = higher vehicle weight = better protection against rear traffic
  • Assistance systems such as turn-off assistant with display on the passenger side, MAN Easy Control, lane departure warning and emergency braking assistant ensure greater safety for drivers and passengers and make everyday work easier
  • Consumption optimization through improved aerodynamics, fuel-efficient Euro 6D engines
  • Higher load volume and payloads mean fewer and therefore more efficient trips
  • Automatic transmissions with efficiency software provide additional consumption optimization

Modernization of the rental equipment

Our 34 sites have used the winter months to discard old equipment and replace it with new, even safer material. Only what is suitable for long-term use on the construction site is allowed to leave the depot. In particular, older traffic lights were replaced and the stock of our ProTec crash barriers was replaced and upgraded with current models.

Employee App and Social Media

In March, we introduced the myAVS employee app. Here, every employee, whether in the office or on the construction site, has everything important always and everywhere with them. The app thus makes an important social contribution to our employees in our ESG sustainability program. By the way, the app also has a public area - here everyone can follow AVS! Just go to the apple or google play store - download the app - get informed.

We now also have a Kununu and XING profile. Feel free to check it out.

More informationen:AVS Kununu profile, AVS XING profile

We+ Challenge: Healthy start to the season

Healthy start to the season: With the We+ Challenge "Passion for health", our AVS Group employees are keeping fit together with their colleagues in Europe. Within 6 weeks, colleagues have exercised an average of 4.7 exercises and 311 minutes per week, beating the WHO recommended fitness level of 225 minutes of fitness per week by a long way. On the occasion of today's World Health Day, we are delighted about this result - only together we are strong!