AVS Digital

With the foundation of AVS Digital GmbH (Senden, Münsterland), the AVS Group focuses on the advancing digitalization in traffic safety. AVS Digital GmbH develops and sells intelligent and networked products and solutions as well as the associated hardware and software. It also includes its own platform for monitoring and controlling the products and systems of the entire international traffic safety group. Central products such as LED displays, mobile traffic jam warning systems, mobile advance warning systems and mobile traffic light solutions are being further developed. The vision for the future: All traffic safety materials are digitally equipped, and can be controlled and monitored at any time and from anywhere via a global system.

More information: Mobile traffic technology (AVS Website)


Traffic data measurement and control of traffic flows

On the A44 near Aachen, we are recording traffic data in a construction site measure using special camera technology from our sister company Signco (Belgium). By analyzing the traffic flows and the prevailing weather conditions before and at the construction site, we obtain meaningful data, the experience of which we can use to support clients in the planning of similar construction projects.

In the construction site, traffic is restricted from 2 lanes to one lane at reduced speed. This can cause traffic jams, accidents and detours. All this involves risks and adverse effects for road users, the road and the environment. The monitoring and control of traffic ensures:

  • Less accidents
  • Less downtime
  • Less pollution


Professionally executed road markings are an important element for the safety of moving and stationary traffic. The importance is shown by the professional association "DSGS - Deutsche Studiengesellschaft für Straßenmarkierungen e.V." in this video.

click here for video (DSGS)

Whether temporary construction site markings in yellow or permanent road markings in white - with our subsidiaries Lorenz and SRV as well as our AVS locations throughout Germany, we cover the complete range, ensure the appropriate quality and thus make a significant contribution to road safety. We also take care of the demarking - environmentally friendly and residue-free. Special solutions are also part of our services: Whether special types of markings, such as tactile markings, or special areas such as airports, crosswalks, parking garages or parking lots - we are equipped for every application.


Maintenance and inspection trips

Since summer 2019, our subsidiary WaKo has supplemented the service area of maintenance and inspection trips. At that time, the service was only offered around the home base Schmerldorf for the region South, Franconia/Bavaria. Today, we also offer the service in the center of Germany and in the north, complementing the nationwide service of AVS Verkehrssicherung.

Ask for our service: WaKo GmbH