Berghaus MobiLED – mobile LED roof warning system

Mounted on the roof of a traffic safety or emergency vehicle, Berghaus MobiLED serves as a bright, active warning and information system for road users. Our LED roof warning systems ensure that these important vehicles are recognized from a distance, thus defusing deployment and danger spots in road traffic accordingly.

New: MobiLED variant with extra wide full matrix display 80 x 32 px

The LED display has an area of 1,760 x 720 mm in RGB (full color) and thus offers particularly large space for displaying freely programmable traffic signs, symbols, texts and animations - even side by side.

Simple operation

The Berghaus MobiLED is operated via a vehicle control panel. It has an illuminated information display for clear and simple handling. The LED matrix is conveniently controlled via radio. A cable connection between the roof system and the car control panel is therefore not required. At the push of a button, the electric lifting motor raises the LED matrix on the roof of the vehicle within seconds. The desired traffic sign or symbol is displayed to the road users in full color with high-intensity RGB light-emitting diodes (tested according to EN 12966).

Flexible use

Since no cable connection between LED matrix and radio remote control is necessary for the operation of all our LED roof warning systems, Berghaus-MobiLED is also ideally suited for alternating use on different vehicles. It is only necessary to apply 12 volts supply voltage to each LED panel and radio remote control.


The LED display rests in a powder-coated stainless steel frame, dimensions: approx. 1,830 x 1,023 x 200 mm (LxWxH), which is simply attached to the railing or with a load carrier on the roof of an emergency or security vehicle and supplied with 12 volts. When folded up, the LED matrix is protected from the weather and stored with the display surface facing downwards.

Berghaus-MobiLED is therefore ideal for the fast and powerful protection of emergency and danger areas in road traffic.

The advantages at a glance:
  • Extra wide full matrix display
  • LED display has an area of 1,760 x 720 mm in RGB (full color)
  • Plenty of space for displaying characters, symbols and animations
  • Easy and flexible mounting

Mobile LED prewarner - free on-site demonstration

Particularly in the case of daytime construction sites or warnings of accident sites on multi-lane roads and highways, it is important for safe traffic routing to clearly alert road users to the changed situation and upcoming construction work. This is where mobile LED prewarning signs are used, which Berghaus Verkehrstechnik manufactures in various designs.

The MV-LED mobile prewarning system is suitable for use on the hard shoulder. It uses powerful LED technology to actively warn of daily construction sites, emergency and danger zones in the event of traffic accidents, and temporary changes in traffic routing - even during events.

For even higher visibility, the TOP-LED 2 mobile prewarning system is used. This can be used as a mobile LED advance warning sign or, if required, with an extension arm and additional overhead signalization at a height of six meters above multi-lane roadways. The customer can choose how the LED display panels are to be colored: red / white or with full-color (RGB) LED technology - entirely according to requirements or national specifications. The LED display panels are photometrically tested according to EN 12966. With the editing software in German language included in the scope of delivery, traffic signs, pictograms, symbols and fonts, also as moving ticker, can be individually created by the user himself on the PC.

Free demonstration

You would like to convince yourself personally of one or both models? Both models of the MV-LED and TOP-LED 2 mobile prewarning systems are ready for use and approved for demonstration at the Berghaus plant in Kürten (NRW).

Upon request, the Berghaus service team will also be happy to personally demonstrate the LED prearning signs in all their functions at the site of the interested party.

During the free demonstration, questions about the use, handling and technology will be answered directly on site. The demonstration advance warning signs are approved as traffic control panels with regular license plates and can be used immediately for securing construction sites.

Are you interested in a free demonstration? Our Berghaus Verkehrstechnik team is looking forward to your call or e-mail and will be happy to arrange an individual appointment with you.

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