Customized solutions for traffic management

AVS Traffic Management Center

The use of LED congestion warning systems can be supplemented with state-of-the-art camera technology and monitored in the AVS Portal. The combination of several components of the mobile traffic technology allows an individual traffic management center for each construction project, tailored to the requirements of the road and construction site situation.

Such a traffic management center is currently in use individually on the A293 at the request of the Oldenburg highway police.

In addition to the use of LED congestion warning systems, the construction site entrances in both directions of travel are monitored with state-of-the-art camera technology at the request of the highway police. This enables the police to react immediately to traffic obstructions, especially at peak times. Cameras monitor the traffic, automatically swivel into the congestion area if a traffic jam develops and focus on the danger zone. By means of strategically placed data points (positions), the traffic flow is monitored and relevant speed data is transmitted to the police.

A convenient solution has been created for the police. By combining information from the congestion warning systems with the live images from the cameras and the speeds and position data measured at the positions, they receive a comprehensive traffic management center for this construction measure.

Demarking with the AVS Twister

Our brand-new Twister handles marking removal and other cleaning and demarking jobs with the latest high-pressure water technology.

No matter whether for the removal of temporary construction site markings or for the cleaning of soiled road surfaces - the floor covering is clean and immediately almost dry after cleaning, as the dissolved dirt is immediately vacuumed up as well. Further processing or direct use of the cleaned floor is possible, eliminating long waiting times and site closures.

The removal is done in no time, environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Professionally executed pavement markings by our AVS locations and our subsidiaries Lorenz and SRV.


Maintenance and inspection trips

Since summer 2019, our subsidiary WaKo has supplemented the service area of maintenance and inspection trips. At that time, the service was only offered around the home base Schmerldorf for the region South, Franconia/Bavaria. Today, we also offer the service in the center of Germany and in the north, complementing the nationwide service of AVS Verkehrssicherung.

Ask for our service: WaKo GmbH