We at AVS want you to arrive safely - That’s why our teams are out on the street every day.

Wherever roads need to be refurbished, we are there. AVS ensures that work sites are optimally protected, yet traffic flows as well as possible.

Our products and full service come from a single source: 

  • From small crossroads to highway constructions
  • Streets, crossroads and tunnel in the inner city area
  • Renovation of long highway sections with a multi-year project duration and nationwide responsibilities
  • From planning and consulting to work preparation plans
  • From establishing the construction site until its removal
  • Marking and demarking
  • Control rides – maintenance and control in town, in country areas and on highways

With our comprehensive portfolio of services for professional traffic safety, we ensure that all road users pass safely through the danger zone of the construction site - and that the construction site functions as smoothly as possible.

Whether it’s a small street intersection or a major project – we at AVS are the first to come and the last to go.


Locations of the AVS Group
With a nationwide network of more then 30 locations in Germany and various international locations, our approximately 850 professionals ensure that everyone gets safely through the construction site.

  • Traffic safety

    Traffic safety

  • Road sign plans

    Road sign plans

  • Installation / Dismantling

    Installation / Dismantling

  • Mobile crash barriers

    Mobile crash barriers

  • Signal systems

    Signal systems

  • Mobile traffic technology

    Mobile traffic technology

  • Marking


  • Demarcation


  • Maintenance and control

    Maintenance and control