Traffic safety – all from a single source

AVS handles the complete planning and implementation of site protection as a full-service package. Regardless of whether it is a small day roadworks project or an extensive construction site with large-scale diversion signs on motorways, country roads and inner-city traffic routes. 

This includes comprehensive advice on traffic planning, signalling calculations, necessary approval procedures for all traffic safety equipment, as well as installation, maintenance and dismantling. We rely on the highest quality standards for our products: Everything we offer our customers has been tested hundreds of times by our teams in the field.

More information about traffic safety:

Traffic safety by our qualified personnel always complies with the latest technical standards such as the valid "Technical Terms of Delivery" (TL) and the "Guidelines for Safety on Roadworks" (RSA).
Upon request, all traffic safeguarding measures are checked several times a day in accordance with the specifications of the "Additional Technical Terms of the Contract and Guideline for Safety on Roadworks" (ZTV-SA) and maintained with 24-hour full AVS service. This upkeep is carried out with the reliable maintenance system called "Service Control." Our service is recorded on location to the second and proven to be tamper-proof.

It's nice, if you can count on the expert professionals of AVS Traffic Safety for all of these things.