Maintenance and control of construction sites

Maintenance and control of construction sites

City centres, out-of-town areas and on motorways - competent, reliable and in real time

Maintenance and control runs
From the first maintenance and control run to the last, our teams take over all the work that has to be done in connection with the ZTV-SA 97 point 7.

The maintenance and inspection includes the regular inspection and maintenance of the construction site safety system, which has been set up and approved in accordance with the instructions and the traffic sign plan. According to ZTV-SA 97 point 7, the contractor must carry out inspection, maintenance, repair and cleaning work. This is done regularly on traffic signs, markings, guiding elements, traffic and lighting as well as protective equipment.

As a specialist company, we carry out inspection, maintenance, repair and cleaning work on construction sites. If the inspector detects problems on the construction site during the inspection drive, these are eliminated directly on site.

Documentation in real time
The documentation is carried out via an electronic real-time control system and GPS. All events recorded by our inspectors on the construction sites are uploaded to our servers and stored. There they can be retrieved at any time. In order to comply with our duty to provide information, our client receives all control and event records daily, weekly or monthly. On request, we can even provide real-time reports with images and a detailed description. This ensures efficient, short information paths and guarantees a fast response time. All our systems are subject to the highest data protection regulations.