2022-11: "AVS publishes DNK report"
Leverkusen, November 23, 2022. AVS publishes the first sustainability report according to the criteria of the DNK - German Sustainability Code with the reporting year 2021. The complete report can be viewed here:

German Sustainability Code - AVS Sustainability Report

2022-08: Elena Vasileva new Managing Director (CEO) of AVS Group
We warmly welcome Elena Vasileva as the new CEO of AVS Group. Elena enriches our team with her many years of experience in the service industry and will give us important impulses for our growth course. As the No. 1 in the DACH region, we rely on our local, well-coordinated teams, 24/7 service and maximum customer orientation. We are very pleased that Elena will be on duty from now on for our common mission, which we are proud to fulfill: Making sure everyone gets home safely.

2022-07: Tatjana Klaus-Nowak in an interview about the sustainability transformation at AVS

Our mission is the safety of people - workers and road users alike. Ensuring this safety today and in the future while acting in an ecologically, economically and socially responsible manner is based on the values we live by at AVS. Our sustainability manager Tatjana Klaus-Nowak talks about the transformation of AVS and our team performance in this interview.

Interview about the sustainability transformation at AVS Verkehrssicherung GmbH (DE)

2022-06: Mobile safety barriers - 30 years of competence

In the past, a traffic safety measure often consisted only of a mobile construction site traffic light and a few traffic cones. Today's road construction projects are subject to the highest safety requirements and place far more demands on transportable protective devices than just containment level and effective area. Protective barrier systems for a wide range of applications are required that always offer safe and practicable solutions even for unforeseen situations.


2022-05: AVS signs Diversity Charter again

We see diversity as an opportunity and have therefore once again signed the Diversity Charter. In May, our employees took part in many diversity activities as part of the Diversity Charter, expanded their knowledge of diversity through our Diversity Glossary, and made a sustainable contribution to more biodiversity with our AVS seed packets. We are characterized by our cultural diversity with over 40 nationalities, which we highlight in a world map of nationalities.

Charta der Vielfalt

2022-04: AVS Digital Showroom was expanded 

 A unique experience: the service and product worlds of AVS and Berghaus can now be experienced in a virtual showroom and with a live drive through a urban construction site!

Without road noise and risk, comfortably on your PC or mobile device, you can experience our AVS Group:

- Experience drive through a urban construction site
- 360° panoramic view 
- digital product data sheets

AVS Digital Showroom

2022-01: AVS Verkehrssicherung at the Intertraffic trade fair in Amsterdam

From March 29 to April 01, 2022, the world's leading event for professionals in the fields of traffic technology and mobility will take place in Amsterdam.

You will find our booth in hall 8, booth 100. Exciting impressions into mobile traffic technology, new products and solutions are waiting for you. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Berghaus & AVS NEWSLetter issue #65
Winter 2021/2022 –  The new Berghaus & AVS NEWSLetter is online: Website NEWSLetter

AVS Digital Showroom
October 2021 – A unique experience: the service and product worlds of AVS and Berghaus can now be experienced in a virtual showroom and with a live drive through a highway construction site!

Without road noise and risk, comfortably on your PC or mobile device, you can experience our AVS Group:

- Experience drive through a freeway construction site
- 360° panoramic view 
- digital product data sheets

AVS Digital Showroom

AVS Mitgliedschaft im B.A.U.M. e.V.
September 2021 –  AVS wants to safeguard Europe's road construction sites sustainably. This works best with a strong network of committed partners - which is why we have decided to enter into a partnership with the German "Bundes Arbeitskreis für umweltbewusstes Management", B.A.U.M. e.V..
B.A.U.M. Website

Berghaus & AVS NEWSLetter issue 64
June 2021 –  The new Berghaus & AVS NEWSLetter is online: Download News #64

AVS opens new subsidiaryies in Dortmund and Bayreuth
Juni 2021 - AVS expands the local network in Germany, opening locations in Dortmund (West) and Bayreuth (South)

AVS Group celebrates 60th anniversary

June 2021 - AVS Verkehrssicherung ("AVS") celebrates its 60th anniversary this month. The company has its origins in Peter Berghaus GmbH, founded in June 1961 by Peter Berghaus in Kürten near Cologne as a retailer of electrical goods. At the beginning of the 1960s, the trained electrician developed the first radio traffic light and thus created the nucleus for AVS, today one of the largest traffic safety companies in Germany with 930 employees. 

Press Release

AVS signs Diversity Charter

18.05.2021 - We support today's Diversity Day. The pragmatic and sympathetic togetherness of AVS colleagues from 35 nations welds our teams together. The cultural diversity of our employees enriches our work of bringing safety to the streets.

We see diversity as an opportunity and have therefore signed the "Diversity Charter". We want to implement the goals of the charter in our company and thus live diversity as part of our organizational culture. We and 3,900 other signatories are thus committed to a prejudice-free and appreciative organizational culture.

Charta der Vielfalt

ESG - Social: Occupational Health Day
April 28, 2021 - Today's Occupational Safety and Health Day was established by the International Labor Organization (ILO) to promote safe, healthy and decent work. A good occasion to remind our employees of our diverse program of occupational health and safety measures and training. For their protection. For the protection of all. For greater safety on the roads. 

AVS relies on digital technologies to increase safety in transportation projects
April 2021 - First pilot of the project "The Intelligent Construction Site"has been launched in Germany on the A43 between Recklinghausen and Herne..

ESG - World Health Day
April 08, 2021 - Healthy start to the season: With the We+ Challenge "Passion for health", our AVS Group employees keep fit together with their colleagues in Europe. 

ESG - Sustainability
March 2021 - With our shareholder Triton, we have offset our 2020 CO₂ emissions with ClimateCare.
More: AVS - CO2 Kompensation

ESG - Social
March 2021 - AVS launches the employee app myAVS. Here, every employee, whether in the office or on the construction site, has everything important always and everywhere with them. The app thus makes an important social contribution to our employees in our sustainability program ESG. By the way, the app also has a public area - here everyone can follow AVS! Simply go to the apple or google play store - download the app - find out more.

AVS Updates via App

ProTec 80 now listed by BAST
January 2021 - The ProTec 80 is now listed by BASt (German Federal Highway Research Institute) as a T3/W2 and T1/W1 system as well as an H1/W6 system. With a construction width of 24 cm and a very low dead weight of only 80 kg/m, the ProTec 80 has a very low surface pressure.

More information: ProTec 80

Triton to merge portfolio companies AVS, Chevron, Fero and Ramudden
December 2020 – Triton has merged its portfolio companies AVS, Chevron, Fero and Ramudden, each of them being the leading traffic and other critical infrastructure safety service provider in Germany, the UK, Belgium and the Nordics, respectively.
Press information Triton

Berghaus & AVS NEWSLetter issue 63
November 2020 –  The new Berghaus & AVS NEWSLetter is online:
Download: News #63

AVS opens new location in Pfungstadt
October 2020 - AVS expands the regional network and opens a new location in Pfungstadt. From here we serve the Rhein-Main-Neckar area. From Frankfurt to Karlsruhe, from Heidelberg to Alzey - we are near you!

ProTec 51 now listed by BAST
July 2020 - Our lightest and narrowest mobile crash barrier ProTec 51 has successfully passed the tests for containment level T1 and T3 according to DIN EN 1317 and was also positively assessed this year by the BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute). ProTec 51 thus fulfills the requirements of TL-Transportable Protective Devices 97 and will be listed in future by BASt with the values T1 / W2 / ASI A and T3 / W3 / ASI A.

More information: ProTec 51

AVS opens new location in Bielefeld
May 2020 - AVS expands the regional network and opens a new location in Bielefeld, in the North-East of Northrine-Westfalia. 

AVS Group becomes a member of BVST
20.04.2020 - The AVS Group becomes part of the Federal Association for Traffic Safety Technology, Berlin. The BVST sees itself as a promoter and supporter in the fields of traffic, safety and technology. We are working on a common vision: Safety on all roads, for people, nature and more economic efficiency.

More information:

Traffic safety in challenging times: our measures to contain the corona virus

24.03.2020 - We take the situation very seriously due to the corona virus. Our current orders will continue to be carried out with our usual reliability, in accordance with the strictest instructions on conduct and hygiene. To contain the virus, we have taken precautions to protect our employees in the offices and on the construction sites. We are also prepared for new orders and develop individual solutions.

ProTec 161 – the slim H1/W3 mobile crash barrier.
23.03.2020 – ProTec 161 is a slim road restraint system that can be erected without supports – successfully tested according to DIN EN 1317 with an effective range of W3 for containment levels N2, H1 and L1.

More information:

Berghaus & AVS News Issue 62
10.03.2020 –  The New Berghaus & AVS News is online

Our company Schötz Verkehrs- und Arbeitsstellensicherung GmbH in Fürth is now trading as AVS Fürth GmbH.
Fürth (Germany), 11.02.2020 – As AVS Fürth GmbH, we can bundle strengths with AVS Nürnberg GmbH, make even better use of our regional knowledge and contacts and react to the increasing demands of our customers. In future, AVS Nürnberg GmbH will be your contact for traffic safety measures on motorways, while AVS Fürth GmbH will support you as a competent partner in all other areas of traffic safety as usual.