Mobile Stauwarnanlagen und Wechselverkehrszeichen

Mobile traffic technology

1. Congestion warning systems

AVS congestion warning systems inform road users about occurring dangers and disturbances in road traffic. State-of-the-art sensor and LED technology detects traffic flows at an early stage and controls them dynamically. With the development of our own LED congestion warning systems, we set clearly recognizable signs for safe traffic routing. Powerful LEDs show the way - by day and by night. Modern LED technology regulates individual traffic situations and supplements or replaces classic traffic signs.

Customized solutions
Individualizations of the symbols and texts are possible at any time according to the customer's wishes - this is how individual LED solutions are created.

Digital Control
Monitoring and control is convenient via web portal on smartphone, tablet or PC. Manual switching on site is also possible.

Simple and safe assembly
The installation of the device is done by a sophisticated system to ensure the safety of the installers. Neither climbing nor cherry pickers are required. The round tube is simply pushed into each other and built up to the height. An automated load hook on the truck's crane allows the panel to be transferred and hooked up at the push of a button. This makes our system unique, as the assembly does not require any dangerous climbing on the mast. The crane takes care of lifting the heavy panel. The cables run internally and are therefore safe from theft or vandalism. The batteries are positioned in the stable base and are also secured against theft by the surrounding concrete-steel housing.


  • Congestion warning system Technique tray
  • Congestion warning system Web portal
  • Congestion warning system Base
2. LED signage systems

Dynamic or non-dynamic traffic guidance with the help of LED panels - also as a replacement for stationary signage

Available in various sizes

  • 1.60 m height x 1.28 m width display area
  • 0.80 m height x 0.80 m width or 1.28 m height x 1.28 m width
  • 1.28 m height x 2.24 m width

Programming and monitoring via the web portal

  • Desktop and mobile
  • Technical administration and visualization for the customer
  • Device management
  • Logs for the customer: automated weekly or monthly reports
  • Automated alerts (battery, server, device failure)
  • Remote maintenance

Advantages at a glance

  • Individually configurable at any time
  • No on-site programming necessary
  • Lane-selective recording: each lane can be recorded and evaluated individually
  • Modular system
  • Customized solutions through individual LED signs


3. Traffic data measurement and control of traffic flows

We use special camera technology to record traffic data in a construction site measure. By analyzing the traffic flows in front of and inside the construction site and taking into account other parameters, e.g. the prevailing weather, we obtain meaningful data, the experience of which we can use to support clients in the planning of similar construction projects.

Construction measures lead to the rerouting and reduction of lanes, accompanied by reduced speed. This can cause traffic jams, accidents and detours. All this entails risks and adverse effects for road users, the road and the environment. The monitoring and control of traffic ensures:

  • Fewer accidents
  • Less downtime
  • Less pollution

Dynamic traffic control; example of inflow control for construction site traffic

Traffic data acquisition and evaluation of traffic flows 

4. Mobile installation devices

Traffic sign booms for dynamic and stationary signage are also part of our program. The modern, freely programmable LED signs are mounted on the boom, flexibly if desired, and can be moved in position on the boom again and again over the next few months during the construction phase - just as the lanes are moved during the construction phase. The operation of the LED signs is energy-autonomous via solar - no maintenance by battery exchange and thus no intervention in the flowing traffic is necessary.

Mobile Stauwarnanlagen und Wechselverkehrszeichen

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