Professionals in consulting and on the road

Safety comes first. We qualify our employees in the following topics, for example:

  • Accident prevention regulations, first aid
  • Professional driver training
  • ADR training for hazardous goods drivers
  • Loading and securing cargo
  • Training for forklift trucks, loading cranes and much more

In addition to basic training in accordance with RSA 95 and ZTV-SA 97, there are even more advanced training seminars on the most up-to-date guidelines and techniques for planning, implementing and monitoring a wide range of traffic safeguarding measures on public roads. Our personnel is continuously trained in accordance with the latest regulations. These include the following: 


Technical Delivery Conditions*
*TL-mobile traffic signal systems
*TL-mobile protective devices
*TL-temporary markings
ZTV-SA: Additional Technical Contract Conditions and Guidelines for the Work Involved in Safeguarding Roadworks
MVAS: Bulletin on the basic prerequisite specialist knowledge required for traffic safeguarding on roadworks
PQVOB: We are registered with the association for the pre-qualification of construction companies e.V. (pre-qualification is the upstream, order independent assessment of the verification of suitability according to the requirements defined in ยง 8 VOB/A)
RiLSA: Guidelines for traffic signal systems
RSA: Guidelines for safety on roadworks
StrAusZert: Inspection, monitoring and certification association for roadside equipment e.V. - certified according to the guideline of the Industry Association for Roadside Equipment e.V. (IVSt), Department of Traffic Safety, we are a "Specialized company for safety on roadworks".