Michaeliskirchweih Fürth („Färdder Kärwa“)

The Michaeliskirchweih is the largest street church consecration in Germany. It takes place every year at the beginning of October and lasts 12 days. At the beginning of 2018, the Michaeliskirchweih was first included in the list of Bavarian cultural heritage, and in December it was also included in the Federal List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Up to 1.5 million visitors take part in various events over twelve days, which are also supported by carnies. In addition to the entertainment offerings, which have been an integral part of the Kirchweih for centuries, the religious origin of the festival is still present today. Today's practice of the Kirchweih also includes the harvest procession on the second Sunday of the event, the "Farmer's Sunday". Due to the strong public resonance the course is transferred live in the Bavarian broadcast.

Schötz has been safeguarding the Michaeliskirchweih for more than 25 years. The Michaeliskirchweih takes place in the middle of the city center on various squares and streets and covers an area of approx. 55,000m². For this purpose, the Bundesstraße 8, which runs through the middle of the city of Fürth, must also be closed.

Used material:
planning boards for traffic guidance and signposting, traffic light system (crossing system), temporary marking of approx. 1500m, stopping bans, traffic signs as well as various additional signs, barriers, beacons, warning lights yellow and red, directing kerbs, mobile barriers.

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