• ProTec 120
  • ProTec 120

Mobile Crash Barrier ProTec 120 T1 / W1 / ASI A and T3 / W2 / ASI A as well as H1 / W5 / ASI A

ProTec 120 – the compact crash barrier.

Mobile crash barriers in roadworks clearly enhance traffic safety. Their containment capacity prevents road users from leaving the carriageway and colliding with oncoming traffic, while also providing safe working conditions on site.

Universal possible uses make the mobile crash barrier ProTec 120 with its low structural width of 30 cm and weight of 163 kg per meter the ideal crash barrier for many applications pursuant to ZTV-SA. Thanks to the good impact test results, the crash barrier can be positioned between the roadworks and oncoming or parallel flowing traffic, and also between contraflow traffic.

No matter what your particular application is, mobile crash barriers in the ProTec family always put you on the safe side!

Advantages of the ProTec 120 at a glance:
  • featured in the BASt list for mobile road restraint systems
  • narrow structural width needs minimum space requirements
  • quick and easy installation
  • tested reflectors mounted in protected recess
  • generous water drainage opening under the crash barrier
  • no risk of aquaplaning or of dirt accumulating in front of the crash barrier
  • H1-tested, therefore no tipping length limitation (KLB element) necessary
  • rubber-based stands protect the road surface
  • force-fit connections available for all ProTec systems
  • low element weight for high transport loading volume
  • connection and special elements for joining to all common systems

Technical data ProTec 120

Impact test

Acceptance test: TB 21 + TB 41 TB 11 + TB 42
Test date: 21.06.2007 24.+25.9.2007
Containment level: T 3 H 1
Test location: TÜV Süd, Munich TÜV Süd, Munich
Test length: 120 m 150 m
Ground anchoring: no yes (only starter element)

System description

Material: steel and concrete steel and concrete
Height:: 0,60 m 0,60 m
Element length: 10,00 m 10,00 m
Structural width: 0,30 m 0,30 m
Planning width: 0,14 m 0,14 m
Weight per m: 163 kg 163 kg

Test conditions

Test vehicle: car 1.300 kg; impact angle 8°; 80 km/h car 900 kg; impact angle 20°; 100 km/h
  truck 10.000 kg; impact angle 8°; 70 km/h truck 10.000 kg; impact angle 15°; 70 km/h

Test results

Car: dyn. deflection 0,5 m + structural width 0,3 m = 0,8 m (corresponds to effective range W2)
ASI value: 0,3 (A)
Truck: dyn. deflection 1,3 m + structural width 0,3 m = 1,6 m (corresponds to effective range W5)
ASI value:1,0 (A)

Test reports

Test reports ProTec 120 for T3: BASt 2007 7E 57 – for H1: BASt 2008 7E 54
Test reports reflektor element: BASt V4-08/2002
Standard element 10 m

Standard element 10 m

Start/end element

Start/end element

Transition to stationary crash barrier

Transition to stationary crash barrier

Dilatation element

Dilatation element