• ProTec 50 City
  • ProTec 50 City

Mobile Crash Barrier ProTec 50 City

ProTec 50 City – for safe urban roadworks.

ProTec 50 City is the „handy“ version of the proven mobile crash barrier ProTec 50, ideally designed for urban use.

The low element weight of just 23.5 kg per meter and the easily handled element length of 2 meters make this crash barrier particularly suitable for city use. The generous water drainage opening prevents any dangerous accumulation of rainwater. ProTec 50 City reliably separates the roadworks from the carriageway. It prevents pedestrians, bicycles or vehicles from erring into the roadworks area.

No matter what your particular application is, mobile crash barriers in the ProTec family always put you on the safe side!

Technical data ProTec 50 City

Impact test

Acceptance test: TB 21
Test date: 05.08.2012
Containment level: T 1
Test location: Aldenhoven
Test length: 135 m
Ground anchoring: no

System description

Material: steel
Height: 0,50 m
Element length: 2,00 m
Structural width: 0,24 m
Planning width: 0,10 m
Weight per m: 23,5 kg

Test conditions

Acceptance test: TB 21
Test vehicle: car, Weight: 1,3 t, Impact angle: 8°, Speed: 80 km/h

Effective range as per DIN EN 1317-2

T1: Dyn.-deflection; 0.50 m, Structural width: 0.24 m, Effective range: 0.7 m W 2)
ASI value: 0,1 (A)

Test report No.

Test reports T1: F15621801 and for KLB: F15621802
Test No. reflektor element: BASt V4-64/2010
Standard element 2 m

Standard element 2 m

Dilatation element

Dilatation element

Tipping length limitation (KLB element)

Tipping length limitation (KLB element)

Turning element

Turning element