Mobile traffic warning systems

Mobile traffic congestion warning signs

Special detectors (control points) of the fully automatic, mobile traffic congestion warning system continuously record the number of cars and trucks as well as their speed. From this data and the resulting parameters such as the traffic density, the current degree of congestion is continuously calculated and immediately signalled as "Possible congestion" or "Traffic jam" via the warning systems (display points). Therefore, road users are warned early, on-time, dynamically and effectively about a pending traffic jam, for example at a construction site.

The traffic congestion warning systems are connected to the traffic control centre via the Internet. All operating conditions, the collected traffic data as well as the signal images of the signs are displayed and monitored in a web interface including the current status of the battery. Of course, it is also possible for our customers to see this information. Upon request, authorized persons can also intervene in the automatic sequence of the individual display points.

Mobile LED alternating traffic signs

Mobile LED alternating traffic signs can be used universally for information, warning or for guiding road users. The active light road signs clearly draw attention to special danger points, such as construction site entrances and exits or overpasses and detours. They also provide road users with an early warning for turn lanes or blocked exits and, if necessary, help with individual texts such as "Maintain safe distance between trucks" and much more.

There are numerous possibilities of use. The mobile LED alternating traffic signs can be used completely independent of each other as a "Standalone solution" or as with the mobile traffic congestion warning signs with command, control and Internet guidance. Upon request, the customer can be provided with separate access for monitoring and/or control of the LED alternating traffic signs. It is easy to switch off signal displays from the office or on the road, if necessary.

Mobile Stauwarnanlage Autobahn